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7902 Nordlig Rd Houston Texas 77037
7902 Nordlig Rd Houston Texas 77037


For a decade, it has been the privilege of La Paz Memorial Funeral Home, to serve families throughout the United States, Cuba, Europe, Mexico and South America. We accommodate the most important aspects of Hispanic and American funeral customs through exclusive services, so that families like yours can honor their loved ones the way they are accustomed.

We provide funeral and memorial services that attract your eyes, ears and heart.

When you need it, you can rest easy knowing that La Paz Memorial Funeral Home understands your cultural needs, because we are also part of your community. Every aspect of our funerals reflects the deep respect that families have for values, faith and family.

We recognize that Hispanic funerals last longer, usually include food, music and lots of lively and emotional conversation, especially when remembering and sharing memories.

At La Paz Memorial Funeral Home, we believe there is no greater responsibility than to honor and preserve the history of life. Whether you are planning a funeral for a loved one or making your own arrangements in advance.

La Paz Memorial Funeral Home serves thousands of families every year. What does that mean to you? Our clients believe that funerals and memorial services should be as unique as the person they honor.

We help families create meaningful memorials to truly celebrate the life of their loved one. And if you prefer a traditional funeral service or a passionate celebration of life, we will guide you through the process and take care of every detail so you can concentrate on what is important: remember the special life of your loved one.


La Paz Memorial Funeral Home

The Tranquility And The Union Are The Pillars That Keep The Family Bond Together In Difficult Moments, So Our Mission Is To Help Families In The Initial Moment Of The Duel And To Perpetuate The Memory Of Their Loved Ones With A Dignified Loss Management.



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7902 Nordlig Rd Houston Texas 77037
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