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7902 Nordlig Rd Houston Texas 77037
7902 Nordlig Rd Houston Texas 77037

Like most of us make plans for our future (our families, our children, their education and our retirement), many people now choose to make arrangements for their funeral services in advance.

Do not leave your family with the burden of stressful decisions on painful days after your death. Find peace of mind with prior planning. La Paz Memorial Funeral Home can help you organize a personalized pre-established funeral plan.

Planning ahead allows you to make your wishes known to your loved ones. Avoid leaving them with the stress and tension of making so many difficult decisions. It prevents them from wondering how they will handle such a large expense during their time of pain and loss.

Making your previous arrangements is an investment for your future. By planning ahead, you can control the cost of your funeral and avoid excessive emotional spending by your family. Doing so will allow you to freeze costs at current prices and protect against inflation.

When you previously agree with La Paz Memorial Funeral Home, an attentive family counselor will help you determine what type of services you want, simple or detailed.

7902 Nordlig Rd Houston Texas 77037
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